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Ever wondered how you can ensure your business complies with appropriate codes, ensure your workers are safe, track the maintenance of your equipment and save money all with one easy-to-use computer software? Perhaps it’s time to look into asset management.

Assets come in many forms, from physical, human, intangible or financial, and a successful asset management program will ensure you are getting maximum value from these important components of your business. Sparta Engineering’s asset management software ensures your lifting equipment is always safe and operating to its optimum level.

Asset management will help your business save money, make the right decision at the right time to optimize your assets, improve safety, deliver greater value, maximize the lifespan of your equipment, reduce downtime and much more.

Here at Sparta Engineering our asset management system is a service that we offer with our inspection services. We have listed just three of the many benefits your business will realize from an asset management system:

1 – Track and maintain your equipment

An asset management program works as a centralized database to track your equipment. As a result, this relieves your employees from the stress of managing multiple pieces of equipment and helps to avoid any mistakes that come from a fragmented maintenance strategy.

This consolidated look at your equipment, will allow your business to see exactly which pieces of equipment need inspections or maintenance work long before they are due. In turn, this ensures your equipment is always functioning exactly as it should be and reduces the chance of complete equipment failure.

2 – Ensuring code compliance

Asset management is not just designed to make sure your equipment is safe and operating at maximum capacity. It is also specifically designed to ensure that your company is complying with the latest government codes and regulations.

Most lifting equipment in Alberta fall under the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), which lay out a number of operational and safety inspection regulations that your business must legally meet.

Through asset management, Sparta Engineering will be able to easily see which of your pieces of equipment meet current regulations as well as those that don’t. We can then take immediate action to ensure you comply with those codes.

3 – Improving operational efficiency

Operational efficiencies depend on ensuring that your equipment is operating to the level that your business expects it to. If your equipment fails then the resulting downtime can have a significant impact on your revenue.

Asset management lays out your equipment in a simple and easy-to-understand format, meaning your business will fully understand the capabilities, lifecycle, upgrade expectations, maintenance requirements and regulations that your various pieces equipment must meet.

Once you have this all laid out in your asset management software, you will be in a great position to take proactive steps to ensure your equipment is always working to its optimum level and your business continues to meet its monthly and yearly goals.

Other benefits of asset management include:

  • Better financial results from improved ROI and cost reduction;
  • improved safety for your employees;
  • decisions that are based on the entire lifecycle of your assets;
  • proactive decisions as opposed to reactive;
  • traceability of decisions;
  • and much more.

Looking for more information on our asset management software? Contact us today to learn how our inspection services and asset management software can benefit your business.