Sparta Engineering Drawworks Features and Overview

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Sparta Drawworks

SPARTA ENGINEERING’s FAST450 Drawworks is designed around the need for a lightweight yet durable drawworks that will aid in achieving a period one double service rig. Utilizing modern engineering practices such as finite element analysis and some modern machining equipment we have produced the FAST450. After enjoying a successful product launch and with drawworks running for Sun Country, Matrix Well Servicing, Apex Well Servicing (among others) we have decided to start our newest build. Contact us for more details.

The Sparta Drawworks Product Specifications Include:

  • 450HP/336kW
  • 40,000lbs (single line) to 208,000lbs (6-line) capacity
  • Main drum brakes: 42″x10″ Band Brakes
  • 12,000 ft of 1/2″ swaged sandline capacity
  • Sandline Brakes: Kobelt Disk
  • CBI/Sparta right angle gear box w/ 3:2 reduction
  • For more information download the FAST 450 Data Sheet

Sparta Engineering Fast 450 Drawworks for the Oilfield


Drawworks Novelty:

  1. Dual-output gearbox with clutch on gearbox
    Sand line chain doesn’t spin unless drum is in use. Improves life of chain and reduces noise.
  2. Eccentric chain tensioner to main drum
    Easily tighten and maintain correct chain tension for improved chain life
  3. Gearbox internal to drawworks
    Utilizes mounting structure already part of the draw works easy to bolt onto rig as it doesn’t require additional gearbox mounting.
  4. Polychain sandline drive (optional chain drive)
    Eliminates the need for oil bath and sealed chain case, runs smooth and quiet.
  5. Available optional disk breaks for improved performance
  6. Band brakes rotated inwards to make use of the already existing structure through the center of the frame.
  7. Shrink-Fit assembly
    A shrink fit – weldless assembly provides a strong bond that has no distortion from welding and doesn’t require balancing.
  8. Central greasing


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