sparta inspection services

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Sparta Inspection is committed to raising the bar for crane inspection services. Outlined below are the 4 key tenets upon which our company builds to deliver a full suite of inspection services that are designed to exceed your expectations.

Providing Value

At Sparta, we believe that customer service is the underlying function of an inspection company. It is so fundamental, in fact, that without it there is really no point in being in this business. Our focus extends beyond providing a solid customer experience as we look to provide an especially high level of value to the customer. We achieve this by using, and continuing to develop our system for performing inspections.

One key aspect of our system that helps to maintain the highest quality levels possible involves billing our services at an hourly rate. Hourly billing removes any incentive to shortcut the inspection process in order to increase profits. It also allows us to accurately measure performance between two inspectors so that the same quality of service is maintained throughout the organization. A second key aspect of our system is a paperless, semi-automated, cloud-based backend. By reducing paperwork and communication overhead we are are able to focus on delivering the highest quality inspection and engineering services possible.

Integrated Engineering

Sparta Engineering & Inspection comes from a strong engineering background and it is our intention to leverage this union to provide a high quality inspection service.  With years of experience in fabrication and product design in mechanical engineering, we have scratch built, tested and broke more equipment than we can count. This experience gives us the basis to fully support our field personnel in engineering related issues. It also lets us offer inspection customers a full range of design and manufacturing services. These services ranges from spreader bars to engineered crane mounts right up to new drilling equipment.

By combining weld inspections directly with substantial engineering resources we can offer a much higher level of service by ensuring the engineer is invested in having well trained, experienced staff. This leads to quick and efficient documentation turnaround times.  And, we can also offer all the spin-off support engineering that comes along with weld inspection such as welding procedures, structural analysis and failure analysis.

Quick Turn Around

One of the biggest complaints about weld inspection companies currently operating in Alberta is that the engineering documentation lags behind the actual inspection – usually by a week or more. This makes everyone’s job more difficult as it adds a burden of tracking and organizing documentation for a unit that has probably already gone back to the field. It also causes a period of time where the crane could be operating without all the proper documentation available.

We are striving to solve this problem by building a strong, properly staffed system around the inspection paperwork. We are currently offering field reports to the customer as soon as the inspection is complete and signed and stamped engineering documentation within 24 hours of the inspection. We are accomplishing this by using a completely paperless inspection system, integrated engineering and optional on site payment systems.

Asset Management

At Sparta Inspection, we know from industry experience – both hands on and through speaking with clients – that managing multiple pieces of equipment can be very time consuming. To help solve this problem we are offering an asset management program along with all of our inspection services. The asset management system is a three pronged approach to help managers track equipment, documentation and inspections required to maintain compliance.  This service includes:

  1. A free fleet wide compliance assessment.
  2. Annual (or otherwise) reminder of when inspections are due.
  3. Online 24/7 access to documentation.

Inspection Services

For more information on any of the services that we offer or to get started, please see further details about our inspection services or contact us directly. Thanks for reading!