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Engineering Services - Sparta Engineering

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Sparta’s Engineering Services

Sparta Engineering offers engineering, inspection and certification services. Sparta’s Engineering Services include 3D modeling with CAD, FEA & Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Project management, On-Side Management, Failure Analysis and Accident Investigation.

Sparta Engineering Dolly RenderSparta 3D Modeling & CAD

3D modeling has become an integral part of modern design. Mechanical models can be manipulated and modified with great ease compared to conventional trial and error methods of prototyping. Sparta offers 3D modeling services for both new and existing design problems. With use of laser scanning and point recognition tools (Faro gauge) we are able to bring existing products into a 3D model interface (for reverse engineering, Part-to-CAD and digital database creation).

Through the use of modern engineering software, Sparta is able to bring ideas to life without ever making a cut. With SolidWorks modeling software, we are able to develop accurate design concepts. We work closely with customers to optimize designs and make changes before prototype production. 3D models allow us to draft 2D and 3D engineered working drawings and allows us to go through several design iteration before prototyping. Often, prototypes become the final production model with only minor or cosmetic changes

Sparta Engineering FEA & AnalysisSparta FEA and Analysis

Using the SolidWorks Professional Analysis package, Sparta has the ability to analyze almost any component in a large variety of situations. The analysis process starts with hand calculations of a simplified model, to determine feasibility of the design. From there, a computer model is generated of the component, and different scenarios are modeled and tested using FEA, Motion Analysis, Fatigue loading, or other processes. The results from these analyses are then compared to the hand calculations for verification.

Sparta Engineering Fluid Dynamics Image 2Sparta Computational Fluid Dynamics

For situations involving fluids flowing under pressure, or particles suspended in a flow, Sparta uses SolidWorks Flow Simulation to model the effects of the flow on a component. Due to the complex nature of fluid behavior, these situations are often problematic, as little changes in the component can have a major effect on the situation. Using the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software in SolidWorks Flow Simulation, Sparta is able to factor these effects into our analyses. The image above describes a situation where CFD was used to develop a nozzle which directed blowing sand away from a tank wall.

Sparta Project Management

Sparta offers project management for the entire lifetime of a product. Our team will manage both manufacturing and design aspects while working closely with our customers to ensure that we provide a fast, efficient and quality product. Our “hands on” approach to engineering means that we are in constant communication with our manufacturing parts and subsequently issues are resolved nearly instantaneously.

Sparta On-Site Management

Sparta offers installation supervision onsite for a  wide variety of oilfield equipment.  We will learn the equipment and help personnel ensure proper installation reducing the risk for both operators and ownership.  The onsite service allows for rapid problem solving and peace of mind when installing sensitive equipment.  Sparta offers training services for companies to help develop proper operating procedures with company personnel.

Design For Manufacturing

Sparta works closely with it’s manufacturing partners and customers to ensure designs are optimized for both manufacturing and maintenance.

Designs are generated with processes and tooling in mind to ensure every part can be easily produced; saving time and cost for both the manufacturer and the customer. Assembly methods and layout are regarded highly to not only ensure smooth construction but also allow for “easy access” maintenance once our products reach the field.

Sparta Failure Analysis, Accident Investigation

Our experts will work with engineering theory as well as physical evidence from testing and inspection to develop the most probable cause of failure. Sparta also offers analysis of existing design to determine loading capacity and design ratings. With years of experience in material, failure analysis, welding and forensic engineering we have solved a variety of design challenges.