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Upgrading an old rig using a Service Rig Retrofit Package

When upgrading, retrofitting, or refurbishing a tired service rig (workover rig), components that are often due for an upgrade include the power train, hydraulic system, suspension, brakes, cab steering, right angle drive and accumulator, and drawworks. Sometimes an entire free- stand package is required along with Level IV Certification. While you work on re-powering the rig, updating the drive train and suspension, or creating a hydraulic system design, a pre-engineering rig package could be shipped to your shop for integration into the re-build.

Who is a Service Rig Retrofit Package designed for?

A service rig retrofit kit includes a self-build, free-stand service rig package that is perfect for a final stage manufacturer. This would be appropriate for a knowledgeable and capable manufacturer of mobile steel equipment for use on the structural component of the rig. This package is appropriate for shops that regularly manufacture products using high strength (tensile) steel and are prepared to weld the components. By using a service rig design that is optimized for manufacturing, you can streamline the welding and fabrication process and focus on purchasing and building auxiliary equipment.

How important is it that the package includes a high-tensile steel mast?

A mast made from 100% QT-100 high tensile steel requires less material for the same strength as traditional structural steel and has better cold weather performance. With less chance of brittle failure due to impact loading, your rig will be optimized for the cold Canadian winters.

Where will the free-standing rig kit be manufactured?

Rig packages are manufactured in the best facilities in Western Canada. These partners have highly efficient material processing departments that use large CNC equipment to manufacture parts. The level of manufacturing control is highly optimized with a design that also self-jigs (material is cut away wherever a weld isn’t needed) so the product comes out exactly as it should every time with exactly the right amount of weld.

Which parts are included in the kit?

The kit includes all the parts required to weld together the following rig components:

Will this save time and money in the end?

A free-standing service rig kit allows you to focus on your core competencies and build what you do best. A ready-to-manufacture kit would allow you to use your skilled welders and welding facility to build the structural components as well as the rest of the rig. All parts come on numbered pallets with instructions to make construction easy. The engineering and fabrication support, layout of the rig, weld inspection, and engineering certification are all included.

Looking for something welded?

The option to order a complete welded,unpainted, free stand package is also available. The kit would include everything listed above and could be shipped to a fabrication facility to be painted with the rest of the rig.

Want more info about a rebuild/retrofit service rig (workover rig) kit?

If you have questions about our free-standing ready-to-manufacture kits for your retrofit projects, shoot me an email or request a quote: