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The terms retrofit, rebuild and refurbishment are often mistakenly taken to mean the same thing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to rig safety and regulation it’s essential your equipment receives the appropriate level of service and maintenance required. 

For that very reason, here at Sparta Engineering we ensure our clients know the exact difference between a retrofit, a rebuild and a refurbishment and everything else involved in servicing your rigs.

Depending on the work needed on your rig, a single project could include various elements of refurbishing, rebuilding and retrofitting, or it could just feature one. So, what actually is the difference?

Retrofit – Retrofitting is the act of providing a piece of equipment with a component or feature that was not fitted during the initial manufacturing of the product. This could refer to either the process of adding new components to meet new regulations, or adding a new feature to make a piece of equipment more sturdy and safe.

Refurbishing – Through the process of refurbishing we will bring old rigs back to the standard they once were. This will include a complete inspection of your equipment, to make sure it is safe and meeting current regulation.

Rebuild – Rebuilding programs can range from complete rebuilds of your equipment to just rebuilding certain elements that need to be made again to improve the safety and efficiency of your operations.

To find out which specific maintenance your equipment needs, Sparta Engineering completes a full inspection service where we check the welding and every other aspect of your rig equipment.

How can Sparta Engineering help?

Sparta Engineering is a leader in the design and manufacturing of service rigs, workover rigs and support equipment, as well as rig retrofits and refurbishment.

Our highly-trained rig building engineers and staff members work on this equipment every day and know exactly what to look for when it comes to working on your machinery. From simple inspections to a complete frame-up refurbishment, we can provide all the rig maintenance and service requirements your company needs.

These services include:

Major Component Replacement – We have the ability to replace masts, carrier frames and full drawworks with new components, thanks to our full engineering services and a library of rig components. You can either choose your own specifications or pick from our recommended materials.

Free Stand Conversions – Older single and double service rigs that use guy-lines can be converted to freestand service rigs with our retrofit and rebuild programs. Our team of experts specialize in free standing systems, meaning we can offer far superior products when compared with our competitors. We can also convert your current system into a modern free stand system, just let us know your preferences.

Telescoping Platform Kit – Trying to adjust current rigs to increasingly tall BOP stacks? Why not try our telescopic platform package. Custom fit to each rig, our telescopic platform package conversion includes a drillers platform, working floor, and optional tubing board that hydraulically scopes up to as high as 30’.

DIY – Need to do a retrofit or replace a component on a rig but don’t want to scratch build components or do the engineering? We offer do-it-yourself kits to competent fabricators looking to improve turnaround time on rebuilds.

Want more information on our professional rig retrofit, refurbishment and rebuild services? Contact us today to learn more.