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Reverse Jibs

A jib is an implement that attaches to the end of a crane in order to increase the reach of the crane. A reverse jib is generally an attachment that increases the height of the crane rather than the reach, and can be useful for maneuvering in tight areas. A reverse jib usually has a sweeping S shape in it with a 45 degree riser at a desired length and height. This equipment is commonly used to perform lifts inside of buildings where entry height is limited and maximum hook height is desired. With knuckle pickers it is common for the reverse jib to slide into the end section and pin for use. On larger stiff cranes the jibs are usually pinned in place.

Sparta has designed and built a variety of reverse jibs ranging in sizes from 1,000lbs to 10,000lbs. We typically use a plate style design to make use of the excellent properties of QT100 steel with a reinforcement rib up the back to handle out of plane building or any side loading. The inserts are all custom made to fit into the customer’s crane.

Adjustable Reverse Jibs:

It is fairly common to want to adjust the slope and length of a reverse jib to further increase the maneuverability of the insert. Having a more versatile jib allows customers to work more efficiently in more varying situation. Our adjustable reverse jib can change in angle from 15-45 degrees and change from 6-10ft in length. The capacity on this particular jib has a capacity of 10,000lbs in the collapsed position and 6000lbs in the extended position.

Sparta Engineering's Adjustable Reverse Jib Image

Sparta Engineering’s Adjustable Reverse Jib

Sparta Engineering's Adjustable Reverse Jib Image

Sparta Engineering’s Adjustable Reverse Jib

Custom Jibs:

My experience with building reverse jibs is that the parameters all seem to be a little different. Whether it is a different crane, different reach or different required capacity it every situation requires a unique solution. It is for this reason we offer custom jib design with each purchase. Each project includes drawings and design to customer’s specifications as well as a stamped engineering drawing.

Did You Know: Reverse jibs are considered lifting equipment and therefore require an annual inspection? Click here to contact us about inspection requirements or to book a weld inspection.

Do you have an existing “un engineered” jib? Contact us to have it reverse engineered and stamped to current standards. If you are interested in getting a quote on a specific setup, please use the following form to send us your parameters and someone from Sparta will get right back to you:

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