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Rig Retrofit, Refurbishment and Rebuilds - Sparta Engineering

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Sparta Engineering is a leader in the design and manufacturing of service rigs, workover rigs and support equipment. We also offer rig retrofits and refurbishment. Using highly trained rig building staff that work on this equipment every day, we can offer everything from simple inspection to a frame-up refurbishment.

General Scope of Work

  • Complete disassembly of all components
  • Mechanical inspection of drive train
  • Sandblasting when and where required
  • Powdercoated or Endura Paint finish
  • Drawworks disassembly and inspection
  • Revoval of engine for OEM rebuild
  • CAODC level IV Inspection
  • In house inspection program
  • Rig up and commissioning
  • Professional engineer’s certification letter.
Carrier Mounted Service Rig Retrofit 
Sparta Service Rig Drawworks Retrofit

Customer Specified Rebuild Programs

For customers that have a detailed rebuild and retrofit program, we are happy to provide quotes based on your documentation. These can range from complete “new frame” rebuilds, to more thorough drawworks tear downs. If you company has taken the time to build a program around retrofits, we are happy to provide you with a quote and work within your program.

Major Component Replacement:

With full engineering service, and a library of rig components, we have the ability to replace masts, carrier frames and full drawworks with new components. Pick from our standard bolt on drawworks or plate steel mast, or choose your own specifications.

Do It Yourself Kits:

Need to do a retrofit or replace a component on a rig but don’t want to scratch build components or do the engineering? Talk to us about one of our do-it-yourself kits available to competent fabricators looking to improve turnaround time on rebuilds. Choose from a welded and painted kit or version where you weld it yourself. Read more about our service rig retrofit packages for your fabrication shop.

Free Stand Conversions:

If you have an older single or double service rig that uses guys and you want to convert it to a freestand service rig during your retrofit and rebuild…just ask. With an engineering team who specializes in designing to current API overturning standards, we are familiar with a variety of free standing systems. We are also well equipped to convert your current system to a modern free stand system. Our hydraulic fold-up freestand system requires no heavy lifting and some of the quickest rig out times available.

Telescoping Platform Kit:

If you are trying to adjust current rigs to increasingly tall BOP stacks, have a look at our telescopic platform package. A drillers platform, working floor, and optional tubing board that hydraulically scopes up to as high as 30’. Custom fit to each rig with engineering review prior to completion. This conversion also commonly comes with a pull down winch and has an optional hydraulically tilt-able working floor.

For more information on a retrofit or rebuild, send me an email or request a quote: jason@spartaengineering.com

Service Rig Retrofit