SPARTA ENGINEERING’S truck mounted single service rig (workover rig) is the future of well servicing. This model couples the oilfield knowledge contained within the Sparta mast and free stand packages and combines it with the feature-rich cabs and drive trains available on new vehicles.

Choose from your favorite truck manufacturer and select the cab options you want and our service rig just bolts down to it. This allows the customer the opportunity to not only take advantage of the nicer cabs but also warranty, service, and leasing options on that truck. It also provides the opportunity to unbolt the rig components and connect it to a new truck.

This single rig package includes our non-telescopic plate steel mast, one of the Sparta Drawworks, and our free stand package. To read more on the advantages of this style of service rig or download a specification sheet please see the following.



Truck Mounted Single Service Rig Image Gallery