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Sparta Steel Mast - Sparta Engineering

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Key features of the Sparta Service Rig Steel Mast:

High Tensile Steel Mast Gen 2

  • Is Light-Weight. Construction made from 100% QT-100 (high-tensile steel) with a minimum yield of 100,000psi (even the tubing in the corners). Using this material requires half as much material for the same strength as traditional structural steel.
  • Has Better Cold Weather Performance . The use of quenched and tempered steel provides exceptional cold weather performance and doesn’t reach the ductile brittle transition temperature until -40 degrees C unlike regular steel which reaches this point at -20. This means less of a chance of brittle failure due to impact loading during cold weather.
  • Designed in Manufacturing Control. Every mast is exactly the same guaranteed. With the exclusive use of CNC cutting equipment that produce exactly what engineering is asking for every time there is little variance from one mast to the next. The design also self-jigs and has the material cut away where ever a weld isn’t needed so the product comes out exactly as it should every time with exactly the right amount of weld.
  • The Sparta Mast is a Highly Efficient Design. Through the use of finite element analysis and sheet metal we are able to put material exactly where it is needed and move it from where it is not. This gives the engineers maximum control to build a highly efficient design.

Steel Mast Analysis API 4F

Mast Inventory:

Sparta MA69-120 (69’ – 120,000# Stiff Single)
Sparta FM72-70 (72’-70,000# Telescopic Single Flusby Mast)
Sparta FM60-50 (60’-50,000# Stiff Single Flushby Mast)
Sparta Service Rig Mast: MA105-225 (105’ – 225,000# Telescopic Double)
Sparta MA105-200 (105′ – 200,00# Telescopic Double Rig Mast)