General Information
Length 44.5 Ft – 3 hoppers ahead of Axle, sized to match common air seeders
Width 100 inches
Wall Height 84 inches
King Pin Set Back 22 inches
Walls: 16 gauge and 14 gauge near the slopes
Structure  3.5 QT100 Steel tubing and Formed plate
Slopes  28 Degree Rear and 35 Degree Front; 14 Gauge aluminum
Hoppers 12 Gauge steel; overlapped corners
Augers 10” Integrated Straight Augers with one joining head
Chute Slides
Ladders Painted Aluminum Front and Rear
Fenders Painted Aluminum Front, Plastic Individual Wrap around rear
Mud flaps Row of 4 ahead of hoppers, 2 between each hopper, 2 behind axles
Tarp Michel’s Tarp
Tarp Support 8 Aluminum Tarp bows
Lights Front and Rear Marker lights, Tail lights, Work lights for each hopper inside and out
Finish Zinc Powder Coating, white body black accessories; wall decal
Volume Water Level – 1,885 ft3  (1,515 bu)