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Heavy Tand-Tri Crane Dolly - Sparta Engineering

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Heavy 5-Axle Crane Dolly

We are pleased to present SPARTA ENGINEERING’S new crane dolly design. This dolly is designed as a tandem-tridem axle dolly trailer and made to couple to dedicated cranes. By transferring part of the boom weight off the crane and onto the dolly, it meets legal road weights. The crane boom dolly comes with an oilfield tough construction, powder coated frame and 24 volt electrical system. There are some popular options that set this crane dolly apart from the rest including the rear Jack Pad holder. The rear outrigger or jack pad holder is designed to fit 4 pads between a 36” and 48” diameter at the back of the trailer and comes with an easy-to-use pull out ramp to roll the jack pads into place. The weigh centers are also adjustable and customizable to work with your specific crane weights. Suitable for cranes with 200-300+ ton capacity.

Please keep in mind here at Sparta if our design does not match up with your crane we can work with you to develop a product that will. Be it the wrong pintle length, boom height, or pad size we can design a crane dolly to meet your needs.

Description Specification
Length 34′ Trailer Custom Swing Pintle Length
Width 10’
Frame QT 100 high tensile frame
Suspension Ridewell RAR-260 ridewellcorp.com
Axle 95-1/2″ rack all dressed with bearings, seals, hubs, and drums
Hubs and Drums 10-stud unimount with cast hubs and drums
Brakes 16-1/2″ x 7″
Wheels 10-hole unimount, 22.5 x 8.25, aluminum, six machined, six polished
Tires 255/70R x 22.5 radius
Safety Chains 3/4″ grade 100 with sling hooks and safety latches
Hitch Adjustable length hitch and removable Latches
Rolling A-Frame QT 100 high tensile frame with tapered flange rollers
Fenders Bolt on 3/16″ aluminum
Steps Aluminum with handrails
Lifting Lugs Rated 4 point lifting lugs
ABS 4S/2M tri-axle ABS kit
Air System Regulations MVSS with dump valves and gauges
Electrical Native 24-volt system. LED lights
Height Control Height control valves on front and rear axles
Paint Sandblasted & powder coated Grove Grey & Black
Options Specification
A-frame Drive Dual Chain drive system to move A-frame
Working Lights LED Working lights on Handrails
Chain Racks Two bolt on chain racks behind rear axle
Jack Pad Mounting System Pad mounting system for use with 36-48″ pads
Spreader Bar holder Removable spreader bar insert on drivers side deck
Colors Custom Paint Schemes