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FAST 450 Drawworks - Sparta Engineering

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The SPARTA ENGINEERING FAST 450 Drawworks is a lightweight yet durable drawworks that could aid in achieving a period one double service rig. Sparta Drawworks are currently running for Sun Country, Matrix Well Servicing, and Apex Well Servicing.

Sparta Drawworks Features include (download the FAST 450 Spec Sheets):

  • 450HP/336kW
  • 40,000lbs (single line) to 208,000lbs (6-line) capacity
  • Main drum brakes: 42″x10″ Band Brakes
  • 12,000 ft of 1/2″ swaged sandline capacity
  • Sandline Brakes: Kobelt Disk
  • CBI/Sparta right angle gear box w/ 3:2 reduction
  • Centralized Grease Port: All of our drawworks come with a centralized grease bank to make lubrications easy and trouble free.
  • Integral machined in grooving on drill line drum allows us to have a perfectly balanced drum every time since there is no post machining welding.
  • Heat shrunk joints instead of welding provides a much higher surface for load transfer and less distortion from welding.
  • Aluminum, easy to remove shrouds for maintenance.
  • Advanced engineering lets us remove weight from where it’s not needed such as the shaft inside the drum or on the frame.
  • Center mounted gearbox eliminates the need for an additional gearbox mount and makes the unit compact and ready to bolt into place.
  • Eccentric chain tightener allowing for better control over chain tension.
  • Choose between disc brakes or band brake models
  • Cast aluminum chain case shrouds for longer life and less fatigue cracking.
  • API 7k Monigramable
  • Dual output 3:2 Reducing right-angle gearbox.
  • Optional Polly chain drive on sandline to eliminate the need for an oil bath for chain
  • Disc brake on the sandline drum standard
  • Sandline drum clutch is off the gearbox so sandline drive system doesn’t spin while not in use. Improving the life of the product and reducing wear.
  • More information available in the Fast 450 Data Sheets