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Engineered Crane Deck - Sparta Engineering

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Sparta Engineered Crane Deck (Subframe)

SPARTA ENGINEERING offers custom designed and engineered subframes to match your crane to a truck of your choice. Through the use of modern engineering practices and a fresh approach to design, Sparta Engineering is equipped to handle your custom crane installation no matter how unique. Sparta Engineering uses modern technology such as finite element analysis to analyze every subframe and through the use of high tensile steel and formed cross sections has a proven track record of producing lighter and stronger subframes. We also provide pre-manufactured subframes based on the DXF supplied by the truck manufacture that are welded and painted and just need to bolt to the truck – no drilling required.

Each analysis package comes with the following output:

  1. Weight balance calculation of truck during transportation mode
  2. Stability calculations during lifting operation
  3. Structural analysis of subframe for stress and stiffness.
  4. Certified drawings of deck
  5. Manufacturing through one of our partners.