Fork Lift Elevated Work Platform

It’s a common practice in the construction and manufacturing industries to want an elevated work platform that can be attached to your fork lift. These devices are governed by OH&S Elevating Platforms and Aerial Devices and OH&S states that the unit must have guard rails, must be certified by a professional engineer and cannot be operated horizontal (driven) while a person is inside. It is also a really good idea to get this equipment inspected annually by a qualified person to make sure that it is safe for continued use.

If you encounter an elevated work platform in the field that doesn’t have any certifications, Sparta Engineering and Inspection can reverse engineer, inspect, and certify it for continued use. We can also provide drawings if you are looking to build a unit yourself or sell the complete turnkey package if that is easier. The following picture of the completed unit was manufactured by and they did an awesome job on it.

Sparta Engineering Elevated Platform

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