This is a highway legal trailer designed to grab large diameter coil that is shipped without a core off a truck, load it onto itself, and then deploy the coil on site. Designed to eliminate a complicated overhead lift as well as fill the need for a deployment trailer, this unit solved multiple problems in the field. The deck of the trailer where the reel gets loaded is a roller bearing turn table to allow the reel to spin during deployment. All hydraulics were driving based off an on-board power pack and the whole system folds up to be road legal.

This project was completed for Big Reel Services who is a Canadian based manufacturer specializing in designing and building equipment to deploy and retrieve various coiled products. The main focus at Big Reel is to improve customer’s operational efficiency, reduce non-productive time & increase the end users installation by providing unrivaled deployment equipment, tools & services.

Sparta Custom Reel Trailer Sparta Custom Reel Trailer Sparta Custom Reel Trailer