SPARTA ENGINEERING’S carrier mounted single service rig (workover rig) has the same unique steel mast and drawworks options as the rest of our service rigs. This rig boasts the stiff single mast mounted carrier allowing for a much longer wheel base and better weight distribution. The cab design allows us to place the mast rest right at the front of the rig without blocking visibility.  This coupled with a longer chassis results in less front overhang on the mast.

Our carrier based non-telescopic single configurations has a 69′ or 72′ plate steel mast coupled to the Sparta free stand system and welded to the CBI carrier. Key features include our in-house Sparta Drawworks, optional on rig BOP, and tong storage. Capacity varies between 120,000lbs and 150,000lbs depending on model and each are ready to be coupled to an in mast rod accelerator. Please see the following articles about key features of the rig or take a moment and download the full specifications sheet below.

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