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Parameters Influencing Innovation

What Is The Importance Of Parameters?

The next step in the process is parameters and defining the parameters. Setting high-value parameters is the main purpose of the innovation team. Parameters need to be balanced and the team looks for too many parameters and parameters that are non-existent.

Read part 1: cultivating innovation and part 2: defining the team, before reading the importance of parameters.

What Is The Problem With Poor Parameters?

As I mentioned in the previous video, parameters need to be balanced. For example, when you are designing a vehicle you need the horsepower to match the speed requirements and then that engine needs to match some sort of fuel economy/efficiency. Poorly set parameters also carry with them a hidden safety factor. These hidden safety factors that are inside these poorly defined parameters come with the best intentions. Customers will bring into the discussion, they will offer a capacity or a rating that they want, keeping in the back of their mind that if I give it a little bit more, a little bit more is better. What they don’t know about doing something like that is that just through code-driven safety factors or code-driven changes and general engineering calculations, that little bit more gets amplified throughout the process. So all of a sudden when you are trying to achieve a certain weight, a certain speed, a certain capacity, you have amplified and you’ve overbuilt a lot of the components that had to integrate with that parameter. So another aspect of parameters that we looked for is too many parameters that are non-existent. Parameters that have been poorly defined or cannot be defined. When we see this happen, quite often we will suggest a feasibility study.

What Is The Power Of A Feasibility Study?

The feasibility study is a formal point in the process where we can stop and evaluate and try to define these parameters, and analyze them and test them with physics. With a feasibility study you also get a chance to clarify whether a project should continue or not. Sometimes when we get into a process of innovation we start down this design path of a product. When we don’t see a lot of parameters that get defined. We see there is a chance that what we are trying to achieve is impossible at the time and we need to wait for better technology in the future, or it’s just not possible in the time frame that it is needed. A feasibility study is a great way to try and identify that problem. In being able to tell yourself when you should stop a project, the value of that cannot be given. It is very important to be able to stop and regroup or completely halt the project at that time and save yourself a lot of economic grief.

How Do You Achieve The Quantum Leap In Innovation?

It is our opinion that this is one of the great opportunities to truly define what innovation can be or to see that quantum leap in innovation. Parameters that are well defined and can be proven out in the field through measurement, create a product that is truly innovative and has that quantum leap that everyone talks about in design.