Single Axle Jeep Project

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A jeep increases the capacity of a truck tractor combination by splitting the load that is transferred by the king pin on the trailer between the tractor axles and the axle on the jeep. The challenge with single axle jeeps are balancing the geometric requirements with getting good load distribution. A single axle jeep is more commonly used with a tandem axle tractor (although not always). This means that the tandem axle on the tractor can hold 17,000kg (37478 lbs) and the single axle is legal around 9100kg (depending on season and permitting). In order to get full use out of the jeep you need to split 65% of the weight onto the tractor which is why the 5th wheel plate is so far ahead on the unit. This is difficult to achieve without dramatically increasing the length or height of the trailer, tractor, jeep combination.

This particular unit just needs a set of landing gear and it will be ready to go.


Single Axle Jeep

Don’t forget to have your equipment inspected regularly!