A storm in the night sky

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With winter just around the corner, the weather is set to become more severe and provide a harsher environment for companies that operate in the heavy lifting industries. For many that will beg an important question – is it safe to operate mobile cranes and service rigs in severe weather conditions?

While the efficiency of your operations are crucial to how your business performs, safety is one of the core values for any heavy-lifting business. Companies must have the correct equipment and processes in order to prevent accidents and injuries, and that includes being aware of weather patterns and knowing when it’s time to take a break.

Can I operate heavy lifting equipment in severe weather and high winds?

Equipment should come with operation recommendations, and these will often have weather guidelines and wind specifics. It’s important that operators follow these recommendations that come with the machine.

Several factors should be considered when it comes to high winds, including the height of the lift, surface area if the asset and the weight of the lift. All of these factors can play a part in knowing when it’s too dangerous to lift an item.

When severe weather or high winds suddenly appear, employees should follow strict guidelines and only operate machinery when they know it is safe to do so. Staying up to date with the weather forecast helps, but remember that the weather can change in an instant during winter so it’s important to always be aware of current conditions.

What if visibility is obstructed?

One of the most common safety issues in severe weather is reduced visibility and traction, two things which can be caused by heavy snow, rain or fog. In order to lift items safely, your employees must ensure that they have the visibility to place assets in a safe manner.

Visibility is subjective so it’s important to analyze the situation before you make a rash decision, the risk of damaging an asset or physically injuring an employee is high when it comes to a lack of visibility.

How can Sparta Engineering help?

Sparta Engineering has been providing specialized and in-depth knowledge to the heavy-lifting industries for more than 12 years, with many engineers who have been working in the industry far longer than that.

Our experienced engineers are up to date with the latest industry regulations and know how to design unique pieces of equipment that not only meet those regulations, but are uniquely created to deal with severe weather conditions.

Equipment designed by Sparta Engineering will allow your business to continue to run efficiently in many severe weather conditions, and our experience means these products will help protect your employees from injury and accidents.

Here are just a few of the pieces of equipment we have designed for severe weather:

Rear Load Beam – A strong and stable foundation is the key for any large structure, especially in harsh and severe weather conditions. Built from high tensile QT100 steel, our Rear Load Beem is cost-effective and efficient to manufacture. Designed to only carry loads through the ground contact points, the beam is sturdy and avoids undesirable loading caused by uneven terrain.

Free Stand Service Rigs – Using outriggers or load beams for support instead of cables, Sparta Engineer’s Free Stand Service Rig is a faster, safer and more efficient way to stabilize a rig and lifting heavy loads.

Want to learn more about how your business can safely operate during severe weather conditions and how Sparta Engineering’s products can help? Contact us today.