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Mechanical Crane Inspection - Sparta Engineering

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Mechanical Crane Inspection Services:

Sparta offers the following crane inspection services:

  • Annual crane inspection and certification
  • Mechanical inspection
  • Load and stability testing

Mechanical Inspection Program

Mobile cranes in Alberta (at the time of writing) fall under CSAZ150-98 code book. The requirement for a mechanical inspection is nothing new to the world of inspections since it has been written in the code for 15+ years. However, recent changes in interpretation of the code stemming from Work Safe BC has adjusted the way companies approach the mechanical inspection. This has prompted Sparta Inspection to offer a mechanical inspection program to customers.

Like structural inspections, the mechanical portion of the inspection require a unique set of skills and trained personal in order to be completed properly. Hiring and employing mechanics isn’t Sparta’s focus so we offer two level of services in a partnership arrangement so that our customers can still receive the highest quality of services.

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Crane Inspection Type 1 – 3rd Party Inspections

For companies that don’t have mechanics on staff or choose to outsource their inspections service, Sparta can offer third party, turn-key, mechanical inspections from a few of our partners. We work closely with many people in the crane world and can help provide a variety of services. Our partnering vendors already have a system set up with Sparta and are accustomed to working with us. This is a complete structural and mechanical inspection package that will make sure your equipment is safe and compliant with current regulations. This is also a good fit for companies that wish to avoid the liability associated with doing in house inspections.

Crane Inspection Type 2 – In-House Programs

An in-house mechanical inspection program is perfect for companies that already have journeyman crane mechanics on staff and have a strong fundamental knowledge of maintenance and repairs. In this situation, Sparta Inspection can work with the company to establish a mechanical inspection program in-house that satisfies current provincial requirements. This is a flexible program that we customize to the company’s needs. There is basically three phases to the setup: documentation, familiarization, and execution.

In-House Crane Inspection Setup Process:

1. Documentation

As with most inspections, it is critical to keep the paperwork organized and correct. The mechanical inspection checklist is usually around 50 questions long and takes a couple hours to complete for most cranes. For companies that already have a program in place, we are more than happy to audit your paperwork and work with your business process. If you don’t have paperwork setup, we offer both a paper-based system or our preferred paperless system is available through an Iphone/ipad app. We can also help manage the inspection paperwork and the engineering certs on our online system as part of the service.

2. Familiarization

The next phase is where we become familiarized with each other. Due to the nature of a program like this being highly trust-based and up to the skills of each individual to represent the whole. It is important for Sparta to asses any inspectors ability to actually perform the inspection. This usually comes in the form of an audit of capability where we shadow the mechanics during an inspection to gauge aptitude and skill. Sparta will be onsite to help with any questions or problems with paper work but is primarily there to observe the inspector. If the inspector is competent and comfortable with the inspection we can proceed to the execution step. If there is any deficiency in skill we can address them on site or organize more formal training through one of our partners. Being present for the first 1-3 mechanical inspections will be ideal.

3. Execution

The last phase is the execution phase. This is when we are actually up and running doing mechanical inspections. The customer’s in house mechanic will organize the inspection, fill out the paperwork and resolve any mechanical failures. An engineer with Sparta Inspection will review the inspection report and issue a mechanical inspection certification within twenty four hours of the inspection. This inspection certification will be stamped with any and all appropriate provincial stamps and emailed back to the inspector. Records of the inspection will be kept on our web-based system and we can grant access to customers so they can have 24/7 access to the reports. Sparta’s engineering and inspection personnel will be available at any time during the process to discuss problems and help to resolve failures.

Either program can be used to make sure your equipment is compliant with the current CSA-Z150 code and able to pass a work safe BC audit. The choice should be based on your company’s ability to perform the inspection and if you want to internalize the liability associated with inspections.

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