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Certified weld inspections are an important part of your business, helping you to maximize revenue, improve operational efficiency and ensure your staff are safe at all times. However, is the way you are paying your inspection company really the best method for your firm?

In Alberta there is a current trend for many inspection companies to ask for a flat rate when they bill for their services. This could go one of two ways, either the inspection company finishes quicker and wins, or the inspection takes longer than first thought and the customer doesn’t see an increase in time.

While this may work for some companies, here at Sparta Engineering we believe inspection companies should be paid by the hour. We have listed three benefits your company can realize from paying your weld inspector by the hour, rather than a flat fee:

1 – Organized companies can save money

The customer can have a huge effect on the cost of an inspection service. The more organized your company is the easier the inspection job is for the inspector. This means if you are paying by the hour you could see significant cost reductions.

Companies which book their inspection weeks in advance and then prepare their machinery for inspection will pay a far lower rate compared with a company that calls last minute, and that’s because if they pay per hour the inspection will be far easier and far quicker.

2 – Give your inspector the right motivation

Ensuring that all aspects of a weld are perfect from start to finish is a complex tasks that requires greats attention to detail. A huge amount of concentration is needed to find small failures and cracks on any given piece of equipment.

In other words, the weld inspector should be concentrating on their job and not worrying about the time and how it will affect their company’s revenue. It’s highly important for the safety of your staff and the efficiency of your company that a weld inspector doesn’t take shortcuts on the job.

We’re not saying that inspection companies that bill a flat rate are taking shortcuts, but we do believe it’s the wrong motivation when it comes to inspection services. If an inspector rushes a job or takes a shortcut it could have a devastating impact on your employees and your company.

3 – Efficiencies are passed straight to your company

When an inspection is performed on an hourly basis, any efficiencies created are instantly passed to the customer who will see an immediate drop in the overall cost of the service.

This simply isn’t the case when it comes to fixed rate, which more often benefits the inspection company rather than the customer. The benefits that come from greater efficiency on a fixed rate bill are internalized by the inspection company, with the customer not receiving any of these benefits.

For sure there are benefits that come with a flat rate fee, such as knowing exactly how much you will need to pay your weld inspector, but we believe that the potential negatives to your employees safety and to the operation of your company is simply not worth the risk.

Want more information about weld inspections and why paying an hourly rate can significantly benefit your business? Contact our team of experts today and we will be more than willing to have a chat with you.