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Grain Elevators, Storage and Handling Facilities - Sparta Engineering

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Farm Building Inspections and Grain Elevator InspectionsConducting Farm Building Safety Inspections

What Should Be Inspected?

  • Bulk-Weighing Systems (hopper scale)
  • Farm machinery and equipment
  • Barns, workshops and other buildings
  • Grain storage and handling facilities including grain elevators

Why Conduct A Safety Inspection?

A safety inspection program conducted by Sparta Inspectors is a simple way to plan for regular inspections of farm buildings, equipment and machinery. Inspectors are able to identify and record hazards and set a time for corrective action to be taken. Regular annual inspections can show due diligence on the part of the farmer and/or farm manager. Sparta Inspectors are trained to identify hazardous conditions that have the potential to cause injury and determine a plan of action. We may recommend that steps be taken to improve an unsafe piece of equipment or structure in order to prevent unsafe work conditions from developing, prevent new hazards, or other hazards from redeveloping.

Many devices also have mandatory inspection frequencies. Review the mandatory inspection frequencies by sector and device type.

Commercial Farm Building Inspections:

Sparta Inspectors inspect farm buildings and other structures upon request.

Inspection Of Bulk-Weighing Systems:

Sparta inspectors have knowledge of weighing systems including tests for verifying the accuracy of the scale itself. For more information on a typical grain elevator installation and inspection requirements visit Measurement Canada

Did You Know Sparta Also Provides The Following Inspection Services?

For a full list of inspections, visit www.spartaengineering.com/inspection/