cell tower inspections and inspection servicesInspecting Cell Towers & Other Infrastructure

Sparta Inspectors can perform comprehensive field inspections on towers to look for minor maintenance issues and other deficiencies. Inspections are also required after a new build, retrofitting project or other modifications to make sure the contractor is meeting industry standards. All structures should also be inspected after severe wind and/or extreme loading conditions. Shorter inspection cycles should be considered in corrosive atmospheres and in areas subject to frequent vandalism. If you are responsible for maintaining or building towers, give us a call so we can book an inspection.

Cell Tower Structural Analysis & Reports

Tower maintenance inspection reports are completed by the Sparta Inspection team and include details such as:

  • Type and age of tower
  • Coordinates
  • Visual examinations of parts
  • Examination of the foundation
  • Examination of the antennas
  • Tower alignment
  • Grounding and electrical
  • Building inspection
  • Structural analysis using site-specific environmental loadingsinspection of cell towers

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