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We just finished the first phase of a rear mounted crane deck for Decca Industries. The goal of the project was to re-think the classic rear mounted crane deck by applying modern engineering techniques. As everything in Alberta is getting bigger, the need to streamline the design of these decks to maximize payload is outpacing the traditional methods of engineering. The project consists of a Kenworth T800 with a 21′ deck and a Fassi 660 crane mounted on the back. The crane is capable of lifting upwards of 16000Kg and reaching 20 meters away from the base.

The analysis was performed using a combination of hand calculations driven by mathcad and the Solidworks simulation package to perform the finite element analysis. The results proved to be very interesting and we were able to confirm some “rule of thumb” building techniques while discovering some great opportunities to improve the design. The results were a more then 25% reduction in the weight of subframe and deck.

We will be proceeding with the build over the next several months and will post additional pictures and discussion as it progresses.