Person welding metal

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Certified weld inspectors are an incredibly useful and, in most industries, essential asset for companies that require the use of heavy machinery. Outsourcing your inspection services can help you save money, as well as give you access to highly-trained and qualified inspectors.

Welding and high quality machinery are not only important for the safety of your employees, but also for liability reasons. A bad welding job is probably not only against the law, but it could cost you millions in lawsuits if an injury occurs. 

Quality welds start with professional and certified welders, and that’s also the case for those inspecting them. To ensure quality in a weld it’s critical that a professional weld inspector is present at all times during the process, making sure the job is done correctly and that the final product meets all industry standards and regulations.

What does a weld inspection involve?

A certified weld inspector will make sure all aspects of a weld are perfect, from start to finish. They will ensure that everything in the pre-weld environment is correctly calibrated and make sure that the welding process is completed correctly, according to your industry’s regulations and certifications. This includes details such as joint positions and clamps.

Once completed, a weld inspector will inspect the weld and make sure it is up to standard. Sparta Engineering inspectors, for example, have many years of experience inspecting welds and understand the various drawbacks and successes to a weld. Ultimately, this will help your company to avoid costly reworks in the future.

Making sure you meet industry regulations

Most industries will require companies to hire certified welding inspectors to oversee welding, and it’s critical that businesses adhere to this. There’s no excuse. Welding inspectors are essential to minimizing risks to your employees and also prolonging the life of your machinery, saving you money.

Certified inspectors will ensure that your company’s welding job is tailored to all of the requirements of the relevant welding codes and regulations of your industry. Have peace-of-mind knowing your equipment is safe. A strong and precise weld will allow you to focus on what matters – your operations.

How can Sparta Engineering help?

Sparta Engineering offers weld inspection services to ensure that you are meeting industry standards and requirements. Lifting equipment and structural inspections are available in central Alberta and surrounding area, and we currently offer weld inspections for:

  • – Building Inspections
  • – Concrete Pumper Inspections
  • – Crane Inspections
  • – Custom Lift Device Inspections
  • – Forklift Inspections
  • – Grain Elevator & Farm Safety Inspections
  • – Manlift/Scissor Lift Inspections
  • – Man Basket Inspections
  • – Mast-Climbing Work Platform Inspections
  • – Material Handling Equipment Inspections
  • – Non-Destructive Testing
  • – Rental Equipment Inspections
  • – Spreader Bar Inspections
  • – Steel Building Inspection
  • – Structural Fabrication Inspections

Sparta’s certified inspectors are capable of meeting all your certification needs with a focus on safety and integrity through non-destructive testing and quality inspection. Our qualifications include: Visual inspection Level I & II, CGSB Certified inspectors and CWB Certified Inspectors.

All of Sparta’s inspections are performed under the direction of a professional engineer, as per the relevant CSA inspection codes. Contact us today to find out more!