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 1. Asset Management helps with code compliance

Our asset management system is a service that we offer with our inspections which is designed to assist customers with maintaining compliance to the appropriate codes. Aside from a few exceptions, most lifting equipment in Alberta fall under an OH&S specified code. These codes layout a number of operational and inspection rules that are meant to help keep the equipment safe and are required by law. As inspectors, we are familiar with a great number of these codes and can quickly asses if a piece of equipment is compliant.

2. Asset Management ensures proper documentation & safety equipment

We come out to site and do a brief walk around inspection of the equipment. This inspection is a big picture review of the asset meant to asses overall compliance and is not a certification or a structural inspection. We are reviewing to make sure all the equipment is present and appears to be in good working order. This primarily includes the items that are common OH&S inspection points and are easy to shut down a piece of equipment over such as missing safety equipment or out of date documentation. It is also important that these items meet or exceed minimum compliance standards which we can assess while on site. While we are there, inspectors will also review the inspection procedures and qualification of current inspection process.

3. An Asset Management System provides online reminders & document management

At the end of the review we will provide you with a document outlining the results of the review and any action items we feel will improve the compliance of your asset. We will also enter the data in our system so that it will be available online at any time. Once the asset is in our system we can help you manage it by following up and reminding you to complete the required inspections on the appropriate intervals. This can come in the form of a printed interval list, or if you really want to just forget about it, we will just setup email reminders for you at the appropriate times. We can also work with you in order to book inspections around your schedule to make sure you never end up out on site without your documentation in order.

4. An Asset Management System tracks equipment

This program is meant to take some of the work load off people who manage multiple pieces of equipment. It fits well with organizations that don’t have a central companywide system already in place for dealing with equipment tracking and is great for managers that have many roles and are very busy. We can help manage inspection procedures and intervals as well as group all the related documents in one spot so that you don’t have to manage it yourself. The documents will be online for 24/7 access without having to connect with anyone specific and without having to wait. Along with the service we will contact you to book inspections long before they are due in order to avoid emergencies and of course we will be there to assist should any emergencies occur.

5. Asset management can save you money and is no additional cost

Asset management programs with Sparta Engineering and Inspections is a free service we provide as part of a standard inspection package. We use this same asset management system to keep ourselves organized and are happy to extend the service to our customers. Please contact Jason 403-443-8361 or to book your free assessment.

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