Alberta Crane Inspection

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Thinking of hiring a crane inspector? Here are important reasons why you should!

1 – Compliance and peace of mind

Crane inspections are required by law. Most health and safety organizations (OH&S in Alberta) state that mobile crane operators need to follow the CSA Z150 (or other applicable code) in regards to the safe operation and maintenance of lifting equipment. We all know it is hard to operate safely in Alberta and there is no reason to have to worry whether your equipment is in safe, working order or not.

A professional crane inspector offers peace of mind in knowing that your cranes have been inspected by an expert and that they are safe to use. A yearly professional crane inspection also offers peace of mind that owners and operators have done their due diligence in keeping people safe while following legislated regulation.

2 – They know the code

Crane inspectors work with the codes that govern crane safety on a daily basis and are well versed in the nuances of these sometimes ambiguous documents. As with any code, there are different ways to interpret them – and by hiring a crane inspector you can be certain that the code is being interpreted in an acceptable way.

Crane inspectors draw from experience gained servicing a number of different companies and pieces of equipment, and by leveraging and maintaining relationships with policy makers & enforcers. They also have access to the many different codes that are in place (which can cost hundreds of dollars each), and will have a system to make sure they are on top of the latest changes for each code. So whether it is a tower crane or scissor lift your inspector will be familiar with the regulations.

3 – Comprehensive

A professional crane inspector will be able to offer the most comprehensive look at your crane’s condition. Inspectors will be familiar with all crane types and sizes and the problem areas associated with each one. They will also have access to manuals, documentation and specialized inspection procedure for your equipment and the skills to recognize a problem. Crane inspectors will also be knowledgeable in – and able to help complete – the three disciplines of crane inspection: structural inspection, mechanical inspection and stability control.

4 – Pro-active inspections

Having an annual inspection on your crane will ensure that you are recognizing deficiencies and small problems early before they become catastrophic failures. A professional crane inspector will be capable of identifying small cracks, malfunctioning equipment or other deficiencies and recommend a solution early. When completed on an annual schedule you can minimize the risk of embarrassing field downtime and doing costly repairs in the field. An annual inspection can also greatly prolong the lifespan of your equipment since problems are getting addressed early and often.

5 – They are part of a team

A good crane inspector isn’t a lone wolf. He is part of a diverse and experienced team of professionals that are ready to support any customer needs. This team should include an appropriately qualified inspector, an engineer, a crane mechanic and a welding expert. Having a good team supporting the inspector is critical in making sure the inspection is done to the highest standards and that any complications that arise can be handled efficiently. It is virtually impossible for any one person to be an expert in every facet of this business in additional to staying on top of all the most recent developments – so it truly takes a team of people to offer this service.

6 – Asset management

When you hire a professional crane inspector, look for a team that can help you look at the big picture and ensure that all your equipment stays compliant and safe. Ask your inspector if they have an asset management method or strategy that they can implement on your behalf.

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Sparta's Inspection Services Sparta offers testing and inspection services as part of equipment life-cycle maintenance. With certified load and stability inspectors, as well as CGSB certified NDT inspectors, Sparta can deliver a complete equipment inspection. For mobile cranes, Sparta Engineering can also provide clients with a mechanical inspection.

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We also offer a complete range of inspection services from welding to structural fabrication in Central Alberta, Grande Prairie, Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas.