Sparta Drawworks Render

In-House Engineering Services: Top four questions to answer before starting an engineering department

Generally, a company that is looking to add engineering services to their list of services has achieved a certain level of success. Their current system has lead them to a comfortable level of profitability and they are looking for the next level. Specifically manufacturing, machine shops and fabricators look to engineering as the way to achieve that next level in their business. Unfortunately the systems that have made them successful to this point, were never designed for engineering work… Read more →

High Tensile Steel Carrier Mounted Double Service Rig

SolidWorks Camera View Tutorial

I have been using the Solidworks group of products for six or seven years now. I was initially exposed to the software while at the University of Calgary and liked it enough to encourage my first employer to switch off ProE. Although I am glad that we switched now, if anyone out there is considering switching CAD software watch out… Read more →