Sparta Engineering’s Inclinometer

SPARTA ENGINEERING Inclinometer is designed around the need to get the angle of the mast and monitor the angle from the Dog house.

How does this work? The inclinometer sensor is installed in the mast and then connected to a transmitter. Then, this transmitter sends the data to your cellphone or remote display in the doghouse (via WIFI) in order to monitor the angle in the mast.

Sparta Inclinometer Includes:

  • Quick Installation guide (Make it yourself).
  • Wi-Fi communication (2.4 GHz).
  • For more information download the Inclinometer Data Sheet.

Download Mudtank Level Gauge Data Sheets

Sparta Engineering's Inlinometer


  • Internet monitoring from your iPhone/Android device (
  • This system can be implemented to other applications.
  • Ask for the explosion proof rating

Download Mudtank Level Gauge Data Sheets