Snubbing Rig Monitoring

The main objective of the Snubbing Rig Monitoring and Load Control System is to control and monitor the load, wind speed, and height in the mast of a snubbing rig. The mast of this unit has been only rated to withstand a predefined load up to a certain height and within a range of wind speeds. Additionally, this system is the integration of electrical, hydraulics, control equipment and wireless communications to control and monitor this unit according to its design specifications.

How we do it? This system integrates load, height, and wind speed sensors, each sending data via Radio Frequency to a transmitter. The transmitter processes this data and stops the winch from lifting and warns the operator in case of an overload.

The Snubbing Rig Monitoring and Overload Control Includes:

  • Monitoring of the main load, wind speed and height.
  • Prevent the hook load from lifting if the system is overloaded or the wind is greater than 110km/h.
  • Low power consumption 3.6 Volts Lithium batteries.
  • For more information, download the Snubbing Rig Monitoring and Overload Control Data Sheet.

Additional Extra Features of Rig Monitoring and Control System:

  • Internet monitoring from your iPhone/Android device (
  • Ask for the explosion proof rating.

Snubbing Rig Monitoring System