SPARTA ENGINEERING’s carrier mounted double service rig (workover rig) is the backbone to our service rig product line. Equipped with a Sparta plate steel telescopic 105′ mast and 200,000lbs hook load, this is one of the lightest double service rigs around. Achieving period one legal weights with a tandem-tridem configuration and 12,000ft of sandline on the drawworks.

This design has a proven track record of reliability and high performance results. This model comes standard with one of the Sparta drawworks as well as our fold up free-stand design. This is the perfect service rig for someone looking for a high strength, rugged, yet lightweight solution to their well servicing needs. Please take a moment to review some articles on the features of this rig or download the specification sheet below.

Rig Features:

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Carrier Mounted Double Service Rig Image Gallery